How Does Online Data Backup Work?

The Online Data backup process works by firstly downloading a piece of software on to a PC, Server or Mac , which has the ability to encrypt and compress any data that is selected for backup. The software launches at a selected time and transfers the data to a secure server housed within a data centre. If for whatever reason data is lost at a later stage the software has the ability to retrieve it to its original format.

The frequency and timing of these transfers is completely adjustable and the files and folders to be included in these backups are designated by the client. Daily backups overnight are often chosen, as not to disturb normal office operation.

Encryption takes place on the client side and before any files are transferred. The password is retained by the client ensuring that they alone are capable of decryption. Read more about how our encryption works.

Our servers are housed in state-of-the art data centers with 24-hour security. The contents of these servers is also mirrored to an additional location, to provide an added level of safety.

If data recovery should ever be necessary, DataSure will assist you in restoring your lost or corrupted data.

Are you new to online data backup? Contact us today with any backup questions or to set up a free trial. 


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